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Weighty tapestorial pieces rife with detailed surface darning; dual sided, batted, then densely stitched, embellished and embroidered. Miles of colored threads equate the bulk, pull and buckling similar to woven tapestry---simultaneously keeping alive interest in historic master craft tapestry while applying a contemporary perspective.

A methodology that interconnects mutual layers orbiting around a nucleus----the print lexicon as the narrative----our vast library of drawings set on silk-screens to be used repeatedly as the A BEE language. 

Unrestricted from a weft/warp grid we are free from formal conditioning that a canvas or four-cornered work has to be plumb, flat or balanced. Thus allowing a spontaneous 3D feel of sculpture, hence “tapestorial sculpture” not flat, not always balanced, but full of movement. 


They sway and ripple, the printed characters dance and come to life.