These are dramatic large-scale sculptures, meant to be mutable and expandable:  

Floating floor to ceiling in swags and folds; an undulant helix; a snaking horizontal or vertical labyrinth; oscillating as balanced mobiles: easily rolled for transport, grommeted, ready to hang. 


We merge panels into large-scale mosaics, thus making each assembly non-permanent, allowing an infinite combination of themes.  With intent pursuant to commission, architectural boundaries of a building, the panels may be hung, tethered and anchored as per venue protocol.  


Sets of portable elements, shaped as per want from large panels:  printed dual-sided murals married together, designed to be assembled and reconfigured to theme or story.  Easily suspended with wire cables to museum, gallery or public infrastructure they are meant to be configured freshly--bringing majestic magnificence to each site-specific installation or exhibit with perfect fit.