The images are the original drawings by Darka Novoselic.

Iconography arises in rhythmic forms -- that when printed have a wood cut quality. At once naive, decorative, fantastical, ornamental, autobiographical. Bold graphic symbols and characters conjure archetypes, heraldry, mythology, fairy tales and dreams. 

The silk-screens start with the drawings then filling mesh with bees wax. Ranging up to over 8' tall life-sized scale; the images are then hand printed with a squeegie.  

Prints are then placed at random, repeated, mirrored, cut up and appliqued. Puzzled together to form the intended composition.  Sometimes laid straight off as in printed yardage, crisp and clear. Sometimes layered or influenced by the chemistry of the printing medium.  Unknown variables nuance each printing making it more precious as it cannot be duplicated.  

When bound to a physical base the prints guide the artistic continuity throughout the applications we then employ. They form the basis and main character of our aesthetic expression.

Each issue complex, idealistic and multifaceted.  

They engage and dance.

  The prints love each other.  


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