A process-oriented collaborating team of two, A BEE manipulates original silk-screened imagery into 21st-century tapestorial sculpture


Mutable floating floor to ceiling mosaics made from our own graphic fragments designed to be linked and randomly recombined as per want.  These narrative sculptures have grown into epic sized installation pieces that reflect the lush environment that influences our thought process and plays on the duality and chiral mirroring of the A BEE collective: Cars Houseman + Darka Novoselic.  


A BEE employs this versatility in various forms---fluid panels of print ripple with movement allowing penetration of light and ghost images.  Using projections of the pictorial imagery and incorporating our filmography lends a dreamlike atmosphere, marrying life with illusion.


To the gossamer we incorporate the weighty tapestorial pieces rife with detailed surface darning, dual sided, batted, then densely stitched, embellished and embroidered with miles of colored threads achieving the bulk, pull and buckling similar to woven tapestry.  


Each installation becomes its own performance art as the A BEE team builds a site-specific environment; easily transported, set in non-permanent sweeping scale. Each component       broadcasting emphasis on symbology and pattern, matched with narrative iconography. 

Sets could include 10 or more large-scale pieces.  

21st-century tapestorial sculpture coming alive and inviting each viewer to an extraordinary journey; not of any one culture, moment or politics, but reflective of the continual thread of life, the day to day beauty, timeless and ageless.